August 19, 2015

One Day Sale!

One day sale over at Teachers Pay Teachers! 
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August 2, 2015

Back to School Sale

The Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale starts tomorrow!

Looking for some new stuff for back to school? How about some readers to help students master phonics patterns and word families?


Have fun shopping!

July 30, 2015

Word Family Readers

So I somehow ended up with pneumonia for most of June. It was so completely draining and awful! The only upside was that is gave me a lot of time to work on this product! 

I loved using my Phonics Readers this last school year to help students practice each phonics pattern in context. They loved coloring the books and interacting with the text. Some of students needed me to break our target phonics pattern into easier chunks, so I started using word families with those kiddos. So after introducing the short a sound during whole group I would pull a small group to work on -at words, -am words, -ap words, etc. After they mastered those word families I had them read and interact with my Short A Phonics Reader. One of my summer goals was to make some easy readers that each focused on a word family so students could interact with each chunk.

And my Word Family Readers were born!

Just like my Phonics Readers it is super easy to have students interact with the text! I've used Wikki Stix, highlighting tape, witch fingers, bingo daubers, and highlighters. Use whatever you have on hand that will make students EXCITED!

Also like my Phonics Readers, these were designed with teachers in mind. I don't have time to fold up little books or put all the pages in order after cutting and I don't think you do either. Those work great when you only have to make 1 copy, but making 30 copies would take forrrrrever. These are one cut wonders! I like to copy double sided, staple the edge (at school I staple with the copy machine and then add a couple reinforcement staples by hand) , and then just cut on the dotted line. Easy peasy, and you end up with 2 readers. This format is so much quicker when you have to make class sets.

Here's a preview! It shows the 40 word families that are included. The last few pages show one complete reader (-am family).

This set includes short vowel word families and some tricky ones like ink and all. I'm planning on making a second set that focuses on long vowel word families.

July 29, 2015

New Blog Design

I've decided to rebrand a little bit and change from Simply Second to Teaching with Mrs. Hynst (I regretted choosing a name that was grade specific) . I've changed my url to On Teachers Pay Teachers I'm just going by my name, Caitlin Hynst. To go along with the rebrand I've been working on a new blog design. It's definitely still a work in progress, but it's coming along. Google has been my friend as I try to remember how to customize everything!

So pardon the dust as I work to complete the design!

June 26, 2015

My Favorite Cup

I'm linking up with Molly at Classroom Confections for her "My Personal Side" linky.

This linky is all about your favorite cup and what's in it. I'm trying to drink more water, but I honestly don't love it. So my favorite cups are the ones that have fruit infusers. My go-to is this water bottle with lemons in the infuser. Sometimes I also add strawberries, blueberries, limes, or raspberries. 
My students always thought this was so funny when I brought it to school. I got lots of questions why I had lemons in my water. I explained that I liked the taste better. One day I put lemons and blueberries in the infuser and my students were completely confused because they thought the blueberries were olives. They thought I was pretty crazy. No worries though, I stick to fruit!

So what's your favorite cup? Check out what other bloggers are saying here!

October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

I LOVE that Halloween is on a Friday this year! My sweet husband took off work so we could wear our couple costumes for my school's Halloween Parade.
 We also had an awesome class party with fun stations! It's great to see the kiddos so excited all day. I LOVE Halloween!!

August 19, 2014

Back to School 2014

Whew! My first day with students was today. I'm pretty sure there is no tired like  
teacher at the beginning of the year trying to get everything ready tired

We had our Meet the Teacher last night and it was so exciting to meet my new firsties! It was a long day of getting everything ready for them. My wonderful parents came in to help me get everything set. My library collection is pretty massive and I gave my mom the job of organizing my new books and making all the bins look pretty. I usually take on this job because I'm kinda OCD about it. From now on this will be my mother's job, she turned out even more OCD than me! My library has never looked so good! I keep my books organized my AR level and my mom even sorted them by height within each bin so they would look nice for Meet the Teacher. She organized all 60 bins! Let's be honest, the books will not stay looking that nice, but at least they started out well, haha!

I made these little welcome gifts for my students for Meet the Teacher:
Our Meet the Teacher is the night before school starts so I thought this book was fitting.

I also made these little coworker gifts for my awesome team:

And my AMAZING husband brought me this nice little treat when he came to help out:
And today I had my first day with the little ones. They are so cute and eager to learn and I am just so excited for this school year! I used chalkboard marker to make this sign:

I took a picture today of each student holding the sign. They are such a cute group!