January 2, 2013

Labeling Books

School starts back up tomorrow! My Christmas break was fantastic... lots of relaxing with my husband and hosting game nights.

One productive thing I did for school was label boxes of books. Finally.
I get so excited when I buy books, but I tend to procrastinate labeling them. It's kind of tedious, but necessary. I am proud to say all these books are now labeled and ready to join the rest of my library!! It took a couple of movies to motivate me, but it's done. My students are going to be so excited! They've been eying quite a few of them (especially the Rainbow Magic Fairies series, Lego, Ninjago, and Star Wars books) but they had to wait until they were labeled.

Our school uses Accelerated Reader so I print off an AR label, attach the color coded dot associated with the level, and stick on a "Property of Mrs. Hynst" sticker. I order bunches of these labels every summer from Vista Print (as a side note, super addicting site...). I have several different designs of "Mrs. Hynst stickers" because I can never choose. :-) I usually stamp the inside with my name as well.
 How do you label your books?

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