June 18, 2013

Top 10 Teacher Apps

I used to not see the big deal about iPads. I thought they were overpriced and I was never going to buy one. Then I got one through the school. I became totally addicted to it! Then my husband and I bought one. Recently we both got iPhones. I definitely think these little Apple devices are worth it! 

I've already posted about my favorite math and literacy apps, but what about apps for the teacher?

Here are 10 of my favorite apps just for teachers:

 Class Dojo: I use this for behavior management in my room. I love how I can take my iPad with me in the hallways, to assemblies, at recess, etc. and still be able to reinforce my behavior expectations. My students love earning points and I love how motivated they stay throughout the year!

Splashtop 2: I've already done a separate post about this little gem here. Basically it lets you control your computer from your iPad. This have been very helpful for me when I'm teaching with my Promethean board. It frees me up to walk around the room and still maneuver my computer programs. It's a nice perk that it make my students think I'm magical. :-)
Common Core: I started implementing the common core this year and this handy little app made it easy for me to quickly look up all the standards. It's easy to click through the app and find exactly what you need (no huge binder or pages of documents to thumb through).

Groovy Grader: We all used to have that little grading slider thing, right? Mine always broke somehow. :-( Groovy Grader is an electronic version. You just enter how many possible points there are on an assignment and it breaks down the grades for you. I kinda hate grading and anything that makes it go a little faster is awesome in my book.
Dropbox: If you have an iPad you probably have dropbox. If not, stop reading this and get it now! It is the easiest way to move things from your computer to your iPad! If you use this link to sign up we both get an extra 500mb of storage. Sweet!
Stick Pick: Remember that can of popsicle sticks with student names on each one.... You'd randomly pull one out to call on a student....   Meet the high tech version of that! It's way more customizable than your old can of sticks though. It even gives you question starters according to Bloom's Taxonomy and the level your each student.

Sticky Notes: I love real sticky notes and found techy sticky notes just as awesome. I always lose my real sticky notes, so this app is great at keeping me organized and help me remember all those little things I will forget....in about 5 minutes....

Overdrive: Overdrive is connected to a lot of public libraries. With your library number you can check out digital copies of books. Free. There are even quite a few audio books. I use this to read my personal books, but I have noticed that there are a lot more children's books being uploaded. Downside: you can only have 5 books checked out at a time.

Record of Reading: We've all taken running records before. This app provides an electronic means of completing the running record. Added bonus: it records the student's voice while you take the record. You can save the file or email it. Convenient!!

Upad: My school actually purchased this app for all teachers. When we adopted the common core we all just downloaded the pdf files and used this app for make notes all over them. It saved a lot of paper not having to print off all the pages. It was pretty entertaining when we were at a training with other schools and their teachers had to cart around a huge binder full of all the common core pages and we had our nice, light little iPads. I also used it last summer when reorganizing my classroom. I took pictures all around the room and then used this app to make notes on the pictures where everything was going.


  1. Great post, Caitlin! I have never heard of Upad or Record of Reading-- on my way to check them out!!

    EduKate and Inspire

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  3. I already use a few if these, but the others, StickPick, Overdrive, Record and Read, and Upad are great! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Awesome article. These applications are really helpful to keep the data in systematic way and helps in improving teaching techniques also. Computer training nyc

  5. Thanks for the new apps, hope I remember I have them when the school begins next year.