June 13, 2013

Word Problems

Are word problems tricky for your students? One step word problems were okay for mine, but they needed a lot of practice to get the hang of two step word problems. One and two step word problems are in the second grade common core, so I made these task cards to help give my students extra practice.

Here are some of the ways I use task cards:

Level Ups: Have students work by themselves or with a partner on a task card. When they are finished they bring it up for you to check. If they got it correct they get to “level up” to a new card. Struggling students get the time they need, but your fast finishers don’t get bored because they can move at their own pace. This is my favorite way to use task cards. When I explain it to the kids I refer to leveling up in video games, so they feel really cool when they get to "level up" in math.

Around the Room: Place task cards around the room and have students solve problems at their own pace (clipboards would be beneficial).

Scoot: Place one task card on each desk. Have students each start at a desk and solve the task at their seat (record their work on scratch paper or the Scoot Recording Sheet). When you say, “Scoot!” students go to the next desk and solve the task card at that desk. Continue until students are back at their original desks.

Fast Finisher: Have the task cards set up at a station where students can complete them if they finish their other work early.


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  1. Ooooh I just found your blog tonight and I am in love with it! First of all, it's absolutely adorable and your posts are great! I am sad to see that you're leaving second grade :( I look forward to reading more!

    That's So Second Grade!