August 18, 2013

Back to School Sale!

I've been crazy busy getting ready for my school year to begin! Meet the Teacher is TOMORROW and students start on WEDNESDAY! So my blog has been a little neglected, but soon I will have pictures of my new room (this summer I had to move rooms since I'll be teaching first grade).

I just wanted to remind everyone about Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale. Everything in my store is 20% today and tomorrow and if you put in promo code BTS13 you get an additional 10% off. That means you can get 28% off all products. I know I'm excited to stock up on resources and clip art for the new year! 

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August 2, 2013

Currently August

June went by way too fast.... I can't believe it's already August! School starts Aug 21st for me (teacher meetings start on the 16th). I'm really starting to feel the pressure of my never ending to-do list.

To celebrate the beginning of August here's the new Currently from Farley.

Listening: I like having something on in the background while I work on my computer. I recently started watching Bones episodes on Netflix. I'm kinda hooked :-)

Loving: I LOVE SUMMER! Getting to work from home is the best! It's nice to wear pjs and go to the bathroom when I want :-)

Thinking: Now that it's August it's hitting me how close I am to school starting. I am constantly thinking about the upcoming year. I've spent 5 years teaching 2nd grade and this will be my first year teaching 1st grade. I want to do well, and I've kinda been stressing myself out about it.

Wanting: I'm a bit of a perfectionist (runs in my family) and I want my classroom to be perfect. Obviously not going to happen, but I drive myself crazy trying, haha!

Needing: I splurged and bought myself a really nice easel! I'm super excited about it, but I need to finish assembling it. Correction: I need my husband to finish assembling it :-)
Royal® Inspiration Station - Premium
Back to School Must-Haves: My first couple years teaching I just used regular nametags, laminated them, and taped them to desks. A few years ago I tried plastic nametags from Really Good Stuff and now I always buy them for the new school year. They are way more expensive, but they hold up well and look really nice.
Zaner-Bloser 100 Grid Deluxe Plastic Desktop Helper™ - 18 
I also need lots of Sharpies and Post-It notes in a variety of colors :-) 
And I need a cute outfit for back to school night and the first day of school. It just makes me feel a little more confident and happy. I don't have a picture of this because I still need to find it. I took my niece back to school shopping (she's a lot more fun to shop for), but I need to pick out a couple things for myself on our next girls trip (my mom, sister, and nice and I go shopping when the boys go fishing).
 Happy August!
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