July 23, 2014

Chalkboard Labels

Every summer I used to go label crazy! I would make, print, laminate, and cut out labels to go all around my classroom. I like to keep things super organized, but it's not something I'm naturally good at. My labels always started out so great, but then the school year started. I plan like crazy during the summer, but I found myself always needing to rearrange what I stored in all my pretty little plastic organizers once school was in full swing. I always ended up buying new manipulative or activities, but I never seemed to find the time to make new labels for them.

This. Drove. Me. Crazy. {But not crazy enough to actually find the time to make, print, laminate, and cut cute new labels}

Last summer I tried something new. I completely reorganized my classroom because I was switching rooms and grades. I threw out all my paper labels. This time I put chalkboard labels on most of my plastic bins and used chalkboard markers to write on them.

I LOVED it this year! If I got new supplies and needed to change what was in a bin, I just wiped it clean and wrote the name of the new supply. So quick and easy! 

I recommend using chalk markers because you have to use a wet paper towel to erase them {meaning they didn't smudge if my little firsties touched them}. I found lighter colors erase the best.

As I'm getting ready to prepare my classroom for the upcoming year, I find I'm not dreading labeling. Some of it will stay the same, and the rest of it can easily be rewritten. I also like the look of chalkboard. 

To make my labels I bought chalkboard vinyl and cut it to size on my Silhouette. Then it was just peel and stick! I've also seen sheets of chalkboard stickers for sale.

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  1. These labels are so great! Love that you're able to change them out if need-be:) The more I hear and see people using their Silhouettes, the harder I try to convince myself I need one!