August 19, 2014

Back to School 2014

Whew! My first day with students was today. I'm pretty sure there is no tired like  
teacher at the beginning of the year trying to get everything ready tired

We had our Meet the Teacher last night and it was so exciting to meet my new firsties! It was a long day of getting everything ready for them. My wonderful parents came in to help me get everything set. My library collection is pretty massive and I gave my mom the job of organizing my new books and making all the bins look pretty. I usually take on this job because I'm kinda OCD about it. From now on this will be my mother's job, she turned out even more OCD than me! My library has never looked so good! I keep my books organized my AR level and my mom even sorted them by height within each bin so they would look nice for Meet the Teacher. She organized all 60 bins! Let's be honest, the books will not stay looking that nice, but at least they started out well, haha!

I made these little welcome gifts for my students for Meet the Teacher:
Our Meet the Teacher is the night before school starts so I thought this book was fitting.

I also made these little coworker gifts for my awesome team:

And my AMAZING husband brought me this nice little treat when he came to help out:
And today I had my first day with the little ones. They are so cute and eager to learn and I am just so excited for this school year! I used chalkboard marker to make this sign:

I took a picture today of each student holding the sign. They are such a cute group!

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