October 12, 2015


I'm linking up with Tara at Fourth Grade Frolics for her Monday Made It. A while ago I decided I really wanted a Plinko board for my classroom. I looked all over Pinterest and decided it was a doable project. I figured a pegboard, some pegs, and an acrylic front and I'm good. I asked my dad to help me with the project and off to Home Depot we went. I'm not awesome at building things, but my dad definitely is. I still remember the cool wooden covered wagon we built for a project when I was in fourth grade. Anyways, as we were shopping for supplies he had a lot of great ideas for the Plinko board. Those ideas where a little above my skill level though, haha. So he took on the project and the results are a-mazing! See...

It took him a long time, but he was quite the perfectionist with it. It's solid wood, has two back wheels for easier transport, push button ball release, and even a locking mechanism in case I want to lock the balls inside. I use ping-ball sized bouncy balls. Last year my parents delivered it to my classroom. My kiddos LOVED it! I used it as part of my behavior management plan. Every day I had two secret mystery students. At the end of the day I revealed their names. If they had a clean desk and at least 5 Class Dojo points those two students got to play Plinko. They released two balls and added up the numbers they landed on (addition practice!). I gave them that many tickets to spend later in our class store. If the class got cleaned up early I also chose some bonus students to play Plinko (not for tickets, but just a fun way to review addition). He even made me several number sets so I could change them out for each holiday.

Whenever other kids were in my classroom they were immediately drawn to Plinko and wanted to play. I know building it was a lot of work, but it's so worth it! Pretty sure I have the best dad!