About Me

Hi, I'm Caitlin Hynst. I've taught first and second grade and I've also taught after school and summer school classes.

My favorite part of teaching is teaching kids how to read. It's just so amazing when it "clicks!"

My favorite part of my classroom is my library. I am kinda obsessive about buying books...
It's hard to get a good picture because the books are spread out in an L shape. I have picture books on the Ikea shelves and chapter books on the taller shelves in the corner.

I've been married to my wonderful husband for 8 years. He volunteers in my classroom and doesn't ask to see my teaching receipts :-)

It's fun to dress up together for holidays and special events. I don't have children of my own yet, but my husband lets me pick out outfits/costumes for him on dress up days. :-)

When we're not dressing up we are playing board games. In our house hunt the main criteria was a finished basement big enough for a game room. We recently bought a house that fits the bill! I LOVE hosting game nights with lots of fun snacks :-)

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